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Project: Provincial control board for projects in the Province of Corrientes.

Role: Coordinator- Interinstitutional Nexus (2017 - March 2018).

Project: Programme: Municipalities of Corrientes towards Sustainable Development -Munired Corrientes-«.  See here explanatory video.

Role: Designer, creator, responsible and program (2014-2017).

Project: «Inter-institutional articulation table on urban solid waste management in the Province of Corrientes».

Role: Coordinator (2017)

Project: «Inter-institutional coordination table on flood prevention in the municipalities of the Province of Corrientes».

Role: Coordinator (2017)

Project: «Specialization Course: Local and regional strategic management from the territorial development approach» organized by the Ibero-American Union of Municipalities -IlPES-ECLAC with the Government of Corrientes» in the cities of Corrientes and Paso del Libres, Corrientes.

Role: Coordinator for the Government of Corrientes (2015).

Project: «Training Talks in Municipalities on Project Design (armed with a project, objectives, goals, recipients, times, tasks, budgets)", in the framework of the Program: Institutional Strengthening of Third Sector Organizations (IFC-Province of Corrientes (2015).

Role: Trainer (2015)

(Misiones, Argentina).

Project: «Incentives for the conservation of ecosystem services of global importance with UNEP-UNDP-GEF funding». 

Role: External consultant 

Function Preparation of the Manual for the Certification of Providers and Claimants of Ecosystem Water Services and Payment Scales to Providers of such Services (Argentina, 03/2016 -08/2016).

Role: External consultant 

Function Preparation of the Manual of procedure of the scheme of Payment for environmental services. Design of fund management scheme for payment and institutional arrangements. Valuation of environmental services for the pilot project of payment for water services in Arroyo Ramón de la Provincia de Misiones, Argentina (01/2015 - 06/2016).

Project: «Training course on payment schemes for water ecosystem services for professionals from the Province of Misiones».

Role: Trainer (2016)

Project: «Talk: Environmental-tax situation in the Province of Córdoba: environmental taxes as an opportunity for environmental protection, the promotion of sustainable development and mitigation to climate change», under the Program: Thinking of the Bicentennial organized by the Secretary of Operational Coordination and Commissions. Directorate of Training and Extension.

Role: Lecturer (2016)

(Corrientes, Argentina)

Project: Workshop on environmental taxes (02/11/2018).

Role: Exhibitor of the topic «Economic instruments for the protection of the environment».

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Role: External consultant 

Función: «Preparation of a proposal for the Design of a Financial Structure for REDD+ in Argentina» (2015-2016).


1. «Analysis of public and private international environmental and climate financing mechanisms».

2. «Analysis of public and private national environmental and climate financing mechanisms». Comparative analysis».

3. «Indicative portfolio of actions to be financed».

4. «Options for the design of a financial structure for REDD+».

5. «Options for financing and designing a viable financial structure for REDD+ Argentina».

6. «Options for legally structuring a financial structure mechanism for REDD+ in Argentina».


Role: Speaker in Training Day «Sustainability as an opportunity for regional growth» (San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, August 2019).

(Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Project: Lawyer college career

Role: Profesor suplente de «Principios de Derecho Tributario» (febrero 2007 – mayo 2007).

Project: Provincial legal digests

Role: Miembro del equipo de normas (año 2006).

(Corrientes, Argentina).

Project: «Charla: Los municipios ante el cambio climático: Aproximación», en el marco de la Jornada por el Día del ambiente.

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