About me

I am a Doctor from the University of Santiago de Compostela (extraordinary award 2005); Master in Design, creation and project management; Specialist in Environmental Consulting; Tax Specialist; Lawyer; Technician in Environmental Law and Diploma in Legal Issues of Climate Change. I have been trained in different aspects of the environment, climate change, sustainability, and project management in various Universities and Institutes in Ibero-America.

I have written numerous publications and have participated as a lecturer, speaker and facilitator in more than 50 national and foreign events.

I have more than 25 years of professional experience in Argentina and abroad, among others, in the following areas: consulting and advice; project design, management and direction; management of multidisciplinary work teams; teaching and training; fundraising; strategic planning / managing for results; and creation and coordination of events.

My lines of work are: mitigation and adaptation policies to climate change, ecosystem services, sustainability, environmental taxation, and economic incentives for the protection of the environment.

I work professionally in the following languages: Spanish-English - Portuguese and Italian.

Currently I work as an independent consultant and I am Founder, Co-Director and CEO of "Apostillas Ambientales. Consultant in Sustainability".

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¿What I do?

"If you represent or belong to a company or institution, public or private, we can work together. For this, I offer my services of advice, design and project management, training and generation of innovative ideas on issues related to the environment and sustainable development.

I carried out these tasks in person and also remotely, either individually or with my team made up of professionals from different disciplines throughout Argentina and abroad."

Specifically, I offer the following professional services:

  • Accompaniment in strategic, communicational or organizational planning processes.
  • Advice and consultancy specified or permanent.
  • Advice and guidance in the preparation of thesis and masters and doctoral dissertations.
  • Coordination, direction and management of projects with multidisciplinary groups.
  • Design and coordination of training.
  • Design and creation of custom projects.
  • Design and presentation of projects to search for public and private financing.
  • Design, creation and implementation of environmental communication plans including ICTs.
  • Dictation of talks, conferences and training adapted to the audience.
  • Ecological, carbon and environmental footprint compensation plans.
  • Facilitation on environmental, climate and sustainable development issues.
  • Fundraising / Search for financing.
  • Good practice manuals.
  • Organization, coordination and promotion of events (congresses, talks, round tables, workshops, work breakfasts).
  • Preparation and writing of justifications and project reports.
  • Preparation, management and coordination of meetings.
  • Reports, studies and environmental impact assessment.
  • Strategic planning for Municipalities, NGOs and companies.
  • Sustainable development plans for Municipalities, NGOs, companies and institutions.
  • Valorization of environmental / ecosystem services.


  • Coordination of institutional events.
  • Design, creation and management of sustainable development projects.
  • Environmental taxation.
  • Fundraising.
  • Institutional comunication.
  • Mitigation and adaptation policies to climate change.
  • Sustainable develompment goals (SDG).

I specialize in the following Sustainable Development Goals.

Realized Works