I specialize in project design, creation and management. .

What i can offer you

If you are a representative or part of a company or institution, either public or private, we can work together. To do so, I offer my services in regard of advisement, projects design and management, training and creation of innovative ideas on issues related to the environment, climate change and sustainable development.

In case that you already have specifics actions to develop in mind, I can assist and collaborate to turn them into a formal project. In addition, I can help with management, implementation, coordination or funding as well of any project.

I can perform those tasks in a face-to-face manner as well as in a virtual manner, by myself or with my work team made up by professionals from different disciplines throughout Argentina and abroad.

Professional services

I can offer the following professionals services:
What I do?

Work areas and experience.

I specialize in the following Sustainable Development Goals.

LInks of interest

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