What my clients and colleagues say about me

Cesar J. Galarza worked as an external consultant for UNEP under my supervision in the construction of an application for funding from the Green Climate Fund. During his time with us, Cesar demonstrated his ability to work as part of a team and to respond quickly to the different requirements imposed by the project. At the end of the project, we have maintained a cordial personal and professional relationship, so I consider it appropriate to give these words of recommendation for his website".


Head Climate Mitigation Unit and REDD+ Global Team Leader, UNEP - UN Environment Programme (Panamá)

Dr. Cesar J. Galarza stands out for his knowledge and experience in the field of environment, its management, management and conservation, which are added to high ethical and practical standards in the workplace, which together with his expertise in coordination and training of professionals who work and have worked with him, make him an invaluable professional and a great ally of nature.“.


B.Sc. in Biological Sciences (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"A unique leader and project manager who marked me for my entire professional career. He has the precise characteristics to be able to command and lead interdisciplinary work teams, with simplicity but with a unique preparation in the field of environment and sustainability. It is a pleasure to have met you and I hope to continue learning, growing and sharing with you our professional tasks that we are so passionate about".


Environment and Sustainability Consultant (San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Argentina).

"Working with Cesar is a very good experience. He is a professional with experience and diverse perspectives for the design, analysis and evaluation of projects, linking his knowledge of legal, economic and sustainable development aspects. His background allows him to have a global and strategic vision on public policies as well as a practical approach to the implementation of local actions.


Consultant for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP FI) (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"César and his team called them from the Asociación Misionera de Marketing to measure the impact caused in the environment by the digital events carried out during 2019 and to suggest compensatory actions. The work done was impeccable: the knowledge, experience, commitment and seriousness with which they worked was noticeable. Undoubtedly, high quality professionals!


Head of Marketing and Communication at Duomo Helados (Posadas, Argentina).

"I have worked for more than a decade with César J. Galarza. I have followed his intellectual growth, highlighting his PhD at the University of Santaigo de Compostela, Spain; the publication of his thesis; his unwavering commitment to teamwork and service to others, his outstanding and growing contributions to environmental law, climate change and sustainable development. But I think it is better to point out the traits that characterise him, which are his strong personality, his transparency, his natural cheerfulness and good interpersonal skills and his vocation for work. In short, everything that is typical of a very good person.


Partner at Altamirano & Asociados. Former Director of the Tax Law Department of the Austral University (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"César is a professional prepared for senior management. He has the talent required to lead teams and processes. He also manages to transmit and generate knowledge in his teams. For me it has been a great professional growth to work with him. In addition to his professionalism, I highlight his human quality and simplicity, which allows work environments where it is a pleasure to participate. I am glad to have crossed my path with you César and I hope to be able to continue sharing more professional challenges in the future".


Consultant in Environmental Planning and Management (La Plata, Argentina).

"Committed professional with the necessary versatility to adapt to changing contexts. A key player in multidisciplinary teams, working from the ground up in the logic of results-based management".


Consultant in Institutional Development (Buenos Aires, Argentina) -

"Thanks to Cesar, IDEA (CEU Institute for Environmental Studies) was able to grow and consolidate. During this time, he demonstrated his ability to manage projects and coordinate an important group of researchers as well as to organise a large number of activities. All this combined with his capacity to continue researching. Multitasking, organised and constant. Thank you Cesar for your contribution!


Vice-Rector of Digital Transformation at San Pablo CEU University (Madrid, Spain) - Former Director of the CEU Institute of Environmental Disciplines and Studies (IDEA) (Valencia, Spain).

“We worked together at the Climate Change Mitigation Action Plan & Scenarios training in Chile 2013. Cesar is a great classmate as well as a proactive and assertive person. He is also a great writer on his blog “Apostillas”. Since then we remain in contact and share information of mutual interests”.

Citi Bank. Vice President Sustainability (Ciudad de México)

I have known Dr. César José Galarza for more than two decades and had the pleasure of working with him in different circumstances, both academically and professionally. He has always demonstrated a great capacity for work and natural abilities for leadership and organisation of work teams. His values are solid, and the rigour of his professionalism is always accompanied by his big smile.

Alejandro M. Linares Luque

Partner at de la Vega, Caldani & Linares Luque, Abogados (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"César is an unusual case of great academic preparation and extensive practical knowledge of his area of expertise. In my interactions with him, I have always found that his excellent professional qualities are accompanied by a strong sense of ethics.

Partner and Director at Infomedia (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Former Managing Director, Head of Public and Government Affairs - Latin America at Citi (Miami, USA).

"César has extensive experience, and a refreshing vision of collaboration for a shared passion".

Climate change and sustainability consultant. Centro para la Sostenibilidad Urbana (San José de Costa Rica, Costa Rica)

"César is a professional with vast experience, teamwork, knowledge and a high spirit of cooperation. We have been working and cooperating in several actions concerning Environment and Climate Change since 2009 to date in order to participate in actions in Spain, Southern Africa and Latin America".

Founding Partner of the Centre for African Studies Foundation. Freelance consultant

"Cesar is a very experienced professional, with a profound knowledge of socio-environmental causes, an excellent partner for teamwork, and with above-average sensitivity to analyse scenarios and forecasts, he is a learned man, with a profound knowledge of the history and riches of his country, Argentina".

Specialist in sustainable business Ronco Florestal (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

"Cesar has been in charge of the Coordination of the Project for the Compensation for Environmental Services in the Municipality of Andresito, Misiones, Argentina, developed by the Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina under the Programme that I coordinated. His performance has been excellent in all aspects and his human quality has made the professional interaction very pleasant and enjoyable. I strongly recommend Cesar for consultancy work related to his profile".

General Director at Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"Cesar is an excellent professional, innovative and with a clear vision for sustainable management. Didactic in his presentations, dynamic in his work, and responsible in the commitments he assumes, he is a person of great value".

Executive Secretary of the Argentine Network of Municipalities Facing Climate Change (Rosario, Argentina).
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"Highly committed to climate change and conservation issues. Able to support and provide solutions to local problems, where innovative project development is required. Responsible and collaborative".

Climate Change and Sustainability expert (Ciudad de México)

"Cesar is an excellent professional, with great knowledge in climate finance mechanisms, REDD+, payments for environmental services, environmental taxes, among others. I had the opportunity to work in a team with him for the UN REDD Programme in Argentina, and he demonstrated an excellent adaptation to work under pressure and in a team, being very open to dialogue and joint construction".

Legal consultant in climate change and environmental law. Design and management of sustainable projects. SinergiAr - Environmental Consultant (Mexico).

"When passion meets preparation, the results can be amazing. This is the case with César, a world-class professional with integrity and commitment to the projects he is involved in. It has been an honour for me to meet him".

General Manager. Huellas Para Un Futuro Foundation (Buenos Aires " Misiones, Argentina).
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"César G. is an excellent professional because of the work experiences I have shared with him: he has a solid academic background, he is permanently trained and updated, he has a healthy ethical integrity and his ability to lead processes in interdisciplinary and inter-institutional teams is praiseworthy. I would also like to highlight his vast knowledge of the field in which he works, especially his handling of strategic information on project management and funding opportunities".

Independent professional in the Environmental Management Consultancy sector (Misiones, Argentina).

"César is a committed, visionary and persevering professional. His great enthusiasm, rigour and international experience turn any project into a differentiated value proposition. Collaborating in his environmental projects has been an interesting and enriching experience. She loves sharing knowledge, values and establishing synergies with professionals from all disciplines. I admire the dedication he puts into his blog, which I haven't stopped reading for years".

- Environmental and Sustainability Management Technician (Barcelona, Spain)

"Great tax law professional and excellent person".

Fernando TOLLER
Professor of Law and Director of the Doctoral Programme at Universidad Austral (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"I have met Cesar at the University of Santiago de Compostela and he is an excellent professional and a very good colleague. I highly recommend him for any professional position I aspire to".

Lawyer. Garrigues Law Firm (Madrid, Spain).

"César is a magnificent professional, with extensive knowledge, constantly updated, and a great capacity for work, and the work he has been doing in his many works on climate change taxation is outstanding".

Professor at the University of Extremadura (Spain)

"An excellent professional and human being, I had the pleasure of having him as coordinator of the Specialisation in Tax Law at the Austral University, which he developed with great commitment and dedication, giving us, in addition to his collaboration, very good advice for that stage and for our profession".

Accountant. Estudio Perini & Asociados - Public Accountants and Tax Advisors (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"César is a professional who is committed to his work. Complying, efficient and who knows how to respond to the challenges that arise. He is always looking for new challenges, restless and full of ideas. During the time we worked together, he was an excellent colleague.

Public Affairs and Communications Consultant at Wecare-U (Madrid, Spain)

"César Galarza is an excellent lawyer who stands out for his academic background in the best universities of the Argentine Republic and the Kingdom of Spain. He develops his professional activity with responsibility and diligence, providing simple solutions to the most complicated situations that arise".

Lawyer in Business Law at Gats Abogados (Madrid- Buenos Aires)

"César is an outstanding professional in the field of environmental law and environmental taxation. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge not only locally but also internationally, having worked for global organisations, which makes him an obligatory point of reference in such matters. He is also an excellent person, humble and dedicated".

Socio en Rajmilovich Forcada Tax Consultancy (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"I was lucky enough to work with César during his time at CEU Valencia. He knows the environment in which he works very well and has great organisational skills and vision for the future.

Director of Marketing at Universidad Católica de Valencia (Spain)

"I had the pleasure of working in contact with César Galarza both when I was a student and, later, when I became a professor of the Specialisation in Tax Law at Universidad Austral. I am sure that he is one of the people responsible for the prestige that this career has achieved in the country and abroad. All this, thanks to his thorough knowledge of the subject, as well as his extensive academic experience, his intense and passionate work and his excellent interpersonal relationship with students, professors and authorities of the institution".

Lawyer specialising in tax law. Of Counsel at RCTZZ. (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"I know Dr. Galarza from his role as Executive Director of Graduate Studies at Universidad Austral. In those roles, he has demonstrated his ability to efficiently and meticulously handle academic management, generate work groups, and deal with contingencies with solvency and inventiveness. A good colleague, he knows how to generate work environments by encouraging the participation of its members and exercising proactive leadership functions".

Director of the Judicial Investigations Corps of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the C.A.B.A. (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"I have known Cesar for many years. I have had to carry out work and academic duties together. His dedication, professionalism and empathy are a value to be highlighted. Above all, in addition to being an excellent professional, he is a great person", which makes him an obligatory point of reference in such matters. He is also a person of excellent treatment, humble and dedicated".

Lawyer. Specialist in Tax Law (Neuquen, Argentina)
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"I became professionally involved with César when he was leading the environmental services compensation project for Fundación Vida Silvestre in Misiones. I highlight his professionalism, commitment and proactivity in working with local producers, and the other actors who interact in the active conservation and recovery of the remnants of the Misiones rainforest located in the watersheds of the streams".

Fabiana OZUNA
Former Head of SR and Sustainability at Grupo Sustentable NEA (Misiones, Argentina).

"I had the good fortune to work with César at the UBA Law School where he worked with solvency and great knowledge in the subject General Theory of Tax Law. César is a great professional and a very studious person, who later went to Spain to improve his knowledge and work on tax and environmental issues, which has undoubtedly positioned him as a reference in the field".

Associate in charge of the Tax and Customs Law Department at Lisicki, Litvin & Asoc (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"César J. is a qualified researcher whom I have known since his pre-doctoral stage. His excellent training and work capacity, together with his specialisation and people skills, make him a reference in the field of research, especially in relation to taxation and the environment".

Professor of Financial and Tax Law at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain).
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"A good professional.

Federico LLORCA
Founder of Interpreta Natura (Alzira, Spain).

"Excellent professional, always looking for new opportunities and efficient solution manager".

Associate in charge of the Tax and Customs Law Department at Lisicki, Litvin & Asoc (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"I have had the pleasure of working with César J. Galarza at the Universidad Austral and have enjoyed his constant willingness to work, research and collaborate with others.


Prefabricated Buildings Manager at INDIV S.A (Rosario, Argentina).

"I was able to work with César at the CEU and he showed me extraordinary qualities".

Professor in Financial and Tax Law (Barcelona, Spain)

"My recommendation is extensive for Dr Cesar Galarza, a great professional, responsible, very capable and excellently trained".

Researcher at Conicet (Santa Fe, Argentina).

"Cesar Galarza has been the secretary of the EDT at Universidad Austral. During its duration, he has successfully coordinated all academic and/or extension activities. He has always maintained a very cordial and friendly relationship with me and with the other students, solving quickly and creatively all the doubts and/or complications that arose".


Legal manager en S.T.N. LATAM (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"César is a polite, friendly, good-natured person with whom you can work and learn at the same time. During his time as coordinator at the Institute of Environmental Disciplines and Studies, during which I worked under his supervision, he more than demonstrated his capacity for work and companionship, both in terms of its organisation and when it comes to undertaking projects. For this reason, he is a highly recommendable and highly qualified person for the role of coordinator.

María Jose ANTICH
Journalist at AUDITMEDIA (Valencia, Spain).

"I met Dr. Cesar J. Galarza in the framework of the activities of the CEU Institute of Environmental Disciplines and Studies (IDEA) and I have met him on the occasion of the implementation of various research projects related to the environment. He not only stands out for his professionalism and seriousness in the organisation and coordination of activities, but also for his communication skills and his always friendly and enthusiastic character".

Professor of Financial and Tax Law at the Universidad San Pablo-CEU (Madrid, Spain)

"César Galarza, a great person and an excellent professional".

Tax lawyer (Córdoba, Argentina).

"Excellent jurist specialising in tax law.

Professor of Financial and Tax Law at UNED (Madrid, Spain).

"César is an excellent co-worker: he always meets the deadlines for the distribution of tasks established in the group, he is always ready to help his colleagues and to ask for help if needed, so that working with him is an added value compared to individual work, he is a very well prepared person and an expert in his field, and he is always in a good mood. In short, I would always like to work with people like César".

Consultant at Instituto de Estudios Fiscales (Madrid, Spain)

"I had the pleasure of working with Cesar at Universidad Austral. He is a person who is very committed to his responsibilities and those of his peers; he encourages teamwork and a good working environment. He is very concerned about everyone, both at work and personally.

T Consultant (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

César has been my supervisor for a year and a half, in the management of Resources and Tools, as well as in the formulation and management of reports and projects of the Munired Programme of the Ministry of Coordination and Planning. Throughout this time, he has proven to be a great professional, with vast experience in the formulation and management of projects of different kinds. As coordinator of the Munired team, he has been able to focus the efforts towards the achievement of the objectives and create motivation in the working group, encouraging innovation, comradeship and proactivity in the framework of an excellent working environment. I would personally recommend César for any job that requires a committed professional with great human qualities, capable of successfully integrating into any work team and satisfactorily performing the activity related to his profession.

Maria Alejandra Dominguez Machado
Assistant at the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Argentina)

"Dr. Galarza was the Director of the Specialisation in Tax Law at Universidad Austral when I was a second year student. His work in general has been excellent, his dedication to the task, organisation, relationship with students, and reception of concerns. We always received a precise, useful, respectful and no less cordial and affectionate response. This has meant that, in addition to being a professional and academic reference point for many of us, today she maintains an excellent personal relationship and friendship with many of the alumni of the Specialisation. Later, as a professor at the University, we shared the task of being professors in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, with the same degree of excellence".

Lawyer - CAyT Justice of CABA (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"I have had the pleasure of working with César J. Galarza at the Universidad Austral and have enjoyed his constant willingness to work, research and collaborate with others.

Internal project evaluator at the Universidad Austral (Buenos Aires, ArgentinaI). Member of the Editorial Team of AIS-Ars Iuris Salamanticensis (Salamanca, Spain).

"I met Cesar in the first Climate Kic "Pioneers into Practice" programme in Europe. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would recommend him for his human qualities, his positivity, his teamwork and project management skills. 10 years have gone by and we are still in touch!"

System Quality Engineer en Varian Medical Systems (Zurich, Suiza)

“Cesar has impeccable written and verbal communication skills and works well independently while maintaining a clear focus on team objectives. He is exceptionally dedicated and hard working which made him a true asset in the research environment. Cesar kept well-organized records of all qualitative and quantitative research. I was always impressed by his ambition and leadership skills. Cesar’s level of commitment and skill is unsurpassed”.

- Executive Leadership Coach Hogan Certified Independent Consultant | PCC International Coaching Federation (New York, USA).

Dr. César Galarza is an excellent professional. He possesses leadership qualities and great resilience. He is very good at organising and working in groups. Involved and committed to his subjects. Solid in the knowledge of his area.

Sergio F. Perez Rozzi
Provincial Director of Linking and Transfer in the Scientific Research Commission (C.I.C.) of the Province of Buenos Aires. -

Cesar J. Galarza is an excellent manager and director of environmental and sustainable development projects. He has an extraordinary dynamism, responsibility and dedication in all the activities he undertakes.

Carlos Alberto Nadra Chaud
Director of Environmental, Social and Economic Impact Assessment at ACUMAR (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina).

César Galarza is an excellent person and professional. I have had the opportunity to see his work, and even work with him, and I can say from my own experience that he is a dedicated, detailed, responsible person who loves what he does.

Rodolfo Salassa Boix, PhD.
Researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET). Professor at the University of Murcia (Murcia, Spain).

I got to know César Galarza through his work at the Institute of Environmental Disciplines and Studies at CEU, of which I was Deputy Director, and he always stood out for his excellent work and team spirit. Well versed in environmental matters from a tax perspective and willing to help at all times, I highly recommend César Galarza to any company dedicated to this field of work that wants to have a good asset among its ranks.

Professor of Finance and Tax Law (Universiad San Pablo CEU), (Madrid, Spain).

I worked with Cesar for 3 years in the Ministry of Coordination and Planning of the Province of Corrientes and I can say that he is an excellent colleague and professional. His academic level and experience combine perfectly to manage teams and carry out strategic projects for any organisation.

Juan Francisco Bosco
Director of Statistics and Census of the Government of the Province of Corrientes (Corrientes City, Argentina).

Cesar, ante todo, es una excelente persona, muy comprometida con su trabajo y su trayectoria lo avala. Es una persona inquieta, curiosa y que se preocupa para hacer llegar a todos su mensaje y trabajo a travez de todos los medios posibles.

Juan Alberto Grassi
Business Development, Sales & Marketing Regional Manager, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina).

"Excellent, proactive, empathetic, excellent professional". académica, equilibrado, innovador”

Elena Dijou
Head of the "Estudio Jurídico Dijou" (City of Corrientes, Argentina).