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Project: "Collaboration in the environmental quality section".

- Role: Contributing writer (2016 - 2017).

Grupo consultor en Ambiente y Sostenibilidad (Argentina)

Web page:

- Role: Founder - Director - Consultant (December 2016 - current).

(Valencia - Madrid - Barcelona, Spain)

- Project: "International Network for Research and Studies on Taxation and Climate Change". 

   - Role: External consultant 

   Function: Creator and coordinator of the project (2011-2012).

- Project:  "Taxation and Climate Change" Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Innovation and Science. 

   - Role: Senior researcher (2011-2013)

- Project: "Sustainability of the Welfare State. Theme: The fight against climate change from towns and cities: Tax aspects". Funded by Banco Santander - UAO CEU. 

   - Role: Senior researcher (2012)

-ProyectoThe taxation of the Clean Development Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol. Perspective from the Value Added Tax". Funded by the Instituto de Estudios Fiscales.

   - Role: Principal researcher and project leader (2010).

- Project: "The taxation of emission rights". Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. 

   Role:Senior researcher (2007-2010)

- Project: "Local Treasuries and Climate Change". Funded by Fundación Mapfre (Environment). 

   - Role: Main researcher and project leader (2009).

- Project: "Taxation of Clean Development Mechanisms".

   - Role: Senior researcher (2008-2009)

-ProyectoLegal Configuration of Clean Development Mechanisms. Accounting and fiscal aspects". Funded by the Generalitat Valenciana. Concellería de Educación. 

   - Role: Miembro investigador (2008).-

 (Valencia – Madrid, España).

- Role: coordinador / Coordinator - Consultant

Function: Responsible for Creation, implementation and early coordination of the project |Creation and implementation of institutional (environmental) image and communication plan | Design and sale of services | Green E-branding, web and social media management | Creation and management of networking | Coordination of events and fundraising for financing client projects. Consultant in: sustainability and climate change, good environmental practices and sustainability in/for homes and cities (2010-2012).

San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, agosto de 2019.

Project: capacitacion en sostenibilidad para los miembros.

- Role: Disertante en charla “El rol del abogado en la sostenibilidad”,

(Misiones, Argentina)

- Role: Co-founder. 

Function: Responsible for: internal and external communications; fundraising; identification, formulation, management, justification and evaluation of projects; projection, management and supervision of website and social networks; institutional representation. Consultant in: economic instruments for the conservation/protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable and sustainable development (2013-2014).

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Project: Tax consultancy.

- Role: Adviser (2007-2008)

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Project: Tax consultancy.

- Role: Lawyer (2007-2008)

Project: varios (Proyectos de carbono forestal – Proyectos de triple impacto).

- Role: asesor en gestion  de proyectos y fundraising.

San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Catamarca, Argentina, 2019.

Project: Capacitación:”Agenda 2030 y Empresa”

   Role:: Capacitador. 

(Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Project: Technical administrative assistant (main activity: management and promotion of agricultural family alternation schools (EFA).

- Role: member of the administrative and human resources team (March 1997 - February 1998).


- Project: “Adaptación basada en ecosistemas para disminuir la vulnerabilidad al cambio climático en cuencas transfronterizas (Argentina-Brasil) en el Bosque Atlántico del Alto Paraná”. 

   - Role: External consultant 

   Function: Coordinator and drafter of the project submitted as a proposal for funding to the European Union call "EuropeAid Water Climate LAC 2014" together with WWF Brazil, IUCN Netherlands, Univ. of Cologne, Univ. of Freiburg, National University of Misiones, among others, in a total of 16 Argentinean and Brazilian institutions and municipalities. 
(Argentina, 06/2014 – 09/2014)

- Project: Creation of an agro-food production basin under the concept of collective branding to conserve environmental services in the municipality of Comandante Andresito (Misiones)". 

   - Role: External consultant 

   Function: Responsible for and drafter of the presentation of the project that was favoured with funding from the UNDP Small Grants Programme (2013 call for proposals). 
(Argentina, 2013)

- Project: "Identification, feasibility assessment, and design of a proposal for external national and international funding sources for the continuation of the project on payments for environmental services in the Paranaense Atlantic Forest". 

   - Role: External consultant 

   Function: report preparation. 
(Argentina, 2013)

- Project: "Payment for environmental services -PES- (carbon sequestration, biodiversity and water conservation services) in the Paranaense Atlantic Forest in the Municipality of Andresito, Misiones". 

   - Role: External consultant 

   Function: Project coordinator. Responsible for: Management, implementation, monitoring and justification to donors (Donors: IUCN-Both Ends-Wetlands-WWF Switzerland). Working with multidisciplinary teams. Liaison between public and private actors (rural producers, companies, NGOs, Provincial and Municipal Governments, Universities). Supervision of communication plan. Responsible for fundraising with private companies and international cooperation. Institutional representation before international donors and provincial and local public and private entities. 
(Argentina, 2012 –2013)

- Project: "7th Edition of the Water Project Competition". 

   - Role: External consultant Function: Project evaluator. Competition organised by Coca Cola, FVSA and the SAyD of Argentina. 
(Argentina 2013)

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

- Project: "Concept Note (NC) for Private Forest Carbon Project (REDD+ simile) in Northwest Argentina".

   - Role: External consultant. Working Group Note Coordinator. Drafting of NC (2018).

- Project: "Design and implementation of communication tools for a REDD+-like project aimed at seeking international funding".

   - Role: Project coordinator 

(Misiones, Argentina)

- Project: "Workshop: Project development and fundraising for NGOs". 

   - Role: Trainer (2017)

(Valencia – Barcelona – Madrid, Spain). 

Instituto multidisciplinario de investigación en temas ambientales focalizados en cambio climático perteneciente a las tres universidades CEU de España: CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia – Alicante); San Pablo CEU (Madrid) y Abat OliBa CEU (Barcelona).

-Rol: Project coordinator 

  Function: General and office coordination | Human resources management | Institutional representation | Internal and external communications | Supervision of communication plan | Administration and budgeting | Fundraising and sponsorship | Foreign visitors | Coordination of multidisciplinary working groups (2008-2010).

-Rol: Management and coordination of web and social networks. 

   Function: Collaboration in the design and creation of the institutional website. Supervision of website management.  Creation and supervision of social network management (2008-2010).

-Rol: Events Coordinator. 

   Function: Coordination of various events (seminars, round tables, workshops, conferences, debates, congresses, working breakfasts and lunches, etc.) on environmental education and awareness-raising on the fight against climate change and corporate social responsibility for different companies, entities and organisations. Among others Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo (CAM); Fundación ENDESA, ENDESA, Fundación Mapfre, Fundación Ipade, Ayuntamiento de Valencia, Generitat Valenciana, Banco Sabadell, Banco Santander, Instituto de Estudios Fiscales, etc. (2008-2010).

– Rol: Executive Secretary of the project: "Exploria.  University Campus of Excellence in Sustainability": Project that, responding to the broad concept of sustainability, was presented in 2011 by the three universities belonging to the CEU San Pablo University Foundation - CEU Cardenal Herrera University (UCH) of Valencia, the Abat Oliba CEU University (UAO) of Barcelona and the CEU San Pablo University (USP) of Madrid - to the call of the Campus of International Excellence (CEI) (Valencia- Madrid- Barcelona, 2011). 

   Function: Member of the coordinating team.

-Rol: Coordinator of the "Climate Change Awareness Plan, and support advisor in the preparation and implementation of sustainability measures for the Department of the Environment, Climate Change and Integrated Water Cycle of Valencia City Council" (2009-2010). 

   Function: General coordination (2010)

-Rol: Representative of the Generalitat Valenciana with the project: "Low carbon cities - compliance with the Covenant of Mayors" in the European programme "Pioneers in Action - Climate Change Innovation Knowledge Community" -Climate Kic-. 

   Function: Designed. Coordination. Presentation of reports. Intern at the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Integral Water Cycle of Valencia City Council" (2010 - 2011).

-Rol: Project evaluator CONAMA -Congreso Nacional del Medio Ambiente-.

   Function: Evaluation of projects on sustainable cities and towns on behalf of IDEA (2009 - 2010).

(Corrientes, Argentina, 2019).

Project: Environmental Impact Assessment (ESIA/EIA) for a livestock project under feed-lot system.

- Role: Coordinator (2019)

Project: “Enciclopedia Oxford de Comunicación del Cambio Climático en el mundo”. 

- Role: External consultant 

Function: Co-editor with the main author: Lic. Maite Mercado (Spain) of the Argentina Chapter. Responsible for planning and articulation of consultations with public and private actors in the country (2016-2017).

See completed work at this link.

Latin America

Project: Editions 2018 and 2019

- Role: Member of the technical evaluation committee.

Project: “Edición 2019”.

- Role: Member of the technical evaluation committee.

(Campana. Buenos Aires, Argentina). 

- Role: external sustainability advisor (November 2018 - July 2019).

Function: diseño, creación e implementación del plan de sostenibilidad corporativo de la Empresa Qbox.

(Rosario, Argentina). 

-Proyecto: “Module 5: Clean Development Mechanisms, Carbon Footprint and Compensation for Environmental Services (PES - REDD+)" in the "Diploma and Specialisation in Climate Change.

   - Role: Trainer (203-2016)

- Project: Talk: "Payment schemes for environmental services and sustainable tourism" at the 1st Meeting on ecosystem services and sustainable tourism, La Carolina. San Luis.

   - Role: Speaker (2013).

- Project: "Latin American Forum on Sustainable Development.

   - Role: Speaker

Conference themes 

- V Forum (2016): "Climate and environmental project finance".

- IV Forum (2015): "Payments for water ecosystem services schemes and their link with participatory management for sustainable development".

- III Forum (2014): "The role of compensation schemes for environmental/ecosystem services in sustainable development".

(Misiones, Argentina).

Project: "Talk for local entrepreneurs: Sustainable business operations. How to save costs while taking care of the planet and driving sustainable development".

- Role: Speaker (2019)

(Granada, Spain – Corrientes, Argentina).

Project: "Class: Natural capital and territorial development". In the Specialisation: La gestión estratégica local y regional desde el enfoque del desarrollo territorial" organised by UIM-ILPES-CEPAL.

- Role: Trainer (20156)

(Buenos Aires, Argentina).

-Project: "Congress on financial and economic instruments for the protection of the environment, 06/11/18".

- Role: Speaker on "Economic instruments for the protection of the environment".

-Project:  Thesis for the degree of Magister in Tax Law presented by the lawyer Luciana Tassano under the title "Tax Incentives as drivers for the development of Renewable Energies. The case of the Municipality of Corrientes.

- Role: Thesis director - tutor

-Project: "Ibero-American Forum on Climate Change and Renewable Energy Taxation".

- Role: Coordinador (2016-actual).

-Project: "Tribunal to judge the thesis on "Sistema Deposito Reembolso, un tributo ambiental para Argentina" (Refund Deposit System, an environmental tax for Argentina), which was submitted by Gerardo Monti for the degree of Magister en Derecho Tributario (Master in Tax Law).

- Role: President of the Court (2017).

– Proyecto: Especialización en Derecho Tributario.

Rol 1 : Executive director (2003 -2005)

Rol 2: Academic Secretary (1999- 2000)

-Project: Gestión de cursos de posgrado.

- Role: Coordinator (1998 - 1999)

(Misiones, Argentina).

- Project: Seminar: "Climate Change and Natural Protected Areas" in the "Diploma in Law and Natural Protected Areas".

   - Role: Trainer (2014)

- Project: Compensation and payment schemes for environmental services (PES and REDD)" in the Diploma in Law and Natural Protected Areas.

   - Role: Trainer (2014)

- Project: Seminar: "Green companies: Company environmental management systems and environmental certifications", in the Postgraduate course in Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.

   Role:Trainer (2013)

- Project: "Talk on policies and economic instruments to combat climate change in the European Union and Spain. The role of the Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM)".

   - Role: Speaker (2010)

(Buenos Aires, Argentina).

-Project: School of Law and Social Sciences.

   - Role: Coordinador (enero 2006 – julio 2007).

- Project: Inland locations

   - Role: Director (Rio Grande; Resistencia; San Francisco, Rafaela) (January 2006 - July 2007).